Take Your Passion and Make It Happen! Teachers Take French Lick

Hey there! Is anyone else out there getting a serious case of Spring Fever? OH.MY.GOODNESS. The fever is getting high over here. I am enjoying my spring break long weekend over the Easter holiday. The weather is cooperating so far but I hear that we will be having a rainy Easter {boo}. 

I thought I would take a little time out today to share with you my weekend in French Lick, Indiana at the Teacher Blogger Retreat. 

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting for this retreat for over a year. I was registered and ready to go last year and then had something come up the Tuesday before the retreat and had to cancel. Bummer. I promised myself that I would make it happen this year and now I don't think I can stop at just one year. It was fabulous!  There were bloggers and blog-followers. It was wonderful to talk to teachers that have been blogging for years and some young women that are just starting their venture into the education world.

Holly Ehle and Brittany Banister did an excellent job planning everything. I know they had a lot of help and support but Holly and Brittany are definitely the.bomb.dot.com.  The day started with a fabulous lunch. Everything is better with delicious food, right? 

After lunch, we got right into a table ice breaker.  We were able to introduce ourselves to all of our table companions, share a little bit about ourselves and we then learned the theme of the weekend. Take Your Passion and Make it Happen.  Love this. Brilliant.

At my table there were experienced bloggers, blog-followers, even one young lady that is still finishing up her last year of school to be a teacher. It was fabulous to be able to spend so much time with other educators who have the same passion about teaching.

After the table ice breakers, we broke into grade level groups and had our Teacher Tool Swap. This was so fun! We passed around our gift bags while music was playing and when the music stopped, we opened the gift we had.  The variety and creativity of the gifts were amazing. I received a set of Frixion markers. These are awesome. If you haven't tried them yet, you really should.

The teacher tool swap was a huge success. So were the small group discussions that attended. I was able to spend time with Maria from KinderCraze, Katie Mense from Little Kinder Warriors, Dana Lester from Vinyl by Dana, and Mel D from Seusstastic.  I could have sat and talked with these ladies all day. The wealth of information they hold is unbelievable. Not only could I learn a lot about blogging and TpT from them but just life.  They are the sweetest.

The afternoon was filled with great discussion and a little inspiration from some amazing videos made by Chad at Male Kindergarten Teacher.  You can check out one of them out here

We cannot forget the unbelievable prizes that were offered as well. Sadly, I didn't come out a winner on any of the prizes that we bid on HOWEVER we ALL  walked away with some amazing swag. Check it out! Unbelievable.That is All.

After these activities, we all went our own ways to grab dinner and get ready for the Epic 80's Party that evening. I had dinner with my roommates and some additional new friends.  

These amazing ladies all blog and IG. Go check them out!  Erin is from The Red School Desk.  Lisa and Shannon are from It All Started with Flubber. Jessica is from Tales from a Countryside Teacher. You can find Tiffani at Time 4 Kindergarten.  Kristin blogs at A Traveling Teacher. Kristy and Misty are from Teaching Times Two

The wonderful gals from It All Started With Flubber also organized a scavenger hunt around the French Lick Resort. It was a blast. We didn't win a prize but had tons of fun roaming the resort looking for everything!

The party. The Epic 80's Party. Oh My! How fun!  We had food, drinks, music, a photo booth, and lots of fun!  It was a great time seeing everyone and their 80's attire.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a few photos with bloggers that I love to follow on their blogs and IG {alright, TpT Amy was just a bonus!}.

Now, I wasn't a winner of any of the prizes I bid on, my team didn't win the scavenger hunt BUT I did win the.very.last.prize.of.the.weekend. A tutu from Vera at The Tutu Teacher! 

Oh my word. What a glorious weekend of rejuvenating. It was just the boost I needed to make it to summer break. I don't get many breaks in March/April except for a few days at Easter so I welcome any boosts of energy I can find!

I know Indiana may not be practical for all but if you can make it work, I highly suggest attending next year. There were attendees all the way from California and Canada to the east coast. I loved the opportunity to just sit around and chat about all things teaching, blogging, TpTing, and everything in between. 

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