February Currently

Wow! It was February 1st and I blinked! Here we are, halfway through the month already. If I blink a couple more times, it will be summer, right?

I'm here to link up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently link up.  I'll keep it short and sweet. Here we go!

Listening - Netflix. A day off means lots of Netflix binging. Enough said.

Loving - this 3-day weekend. Everything seems so much more relaxing. Can we do this every week?

Thinking - About vacation. We just booked our family vacation for this July.  I.Cannot.Wait.

Wanting - A snow day! We've only had a ittle piddly snow here and there this year and I want some real snow! I want to be able to go four-wheelin, sledding, and just play! Please?!

Needing - 80's attire. I am going to the big French Lick Blogger Meet Up and I really need to get a game plan for the 80's party.  Amazon will be busy!

Swooning - I spent Saturday shopping with my daughter for her prom dress and we had tremendous luck! She actually fell in love with the SECOND dress she tried on.  The stars were aligned! It is gorgeous and looks so good on her.  I'm one happy momma!

That's it! I promised short and sweet, so short and sweet it is!  I will really try to be a little more timely next month:)

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  1. So glad I wasn't the only one who forgot about currently this month. I just did mine today, half into the month! t love NetFlix, too! Where are you going for vacation? It's hard to believe the school year will be over before we know it! I love your blog design, too! Have a great February!