February Currently

Wow! It was February 1st and I blinked! Here we are, halfway through the month already. If I blink a couple more times, it will be summer, right?

I'm here to link up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently link up.  I'll keep it short and sweet. Here we go!

Listening - Netflix. A day off means lots of Netflix binging. Enough said.

Loving - this 3-day weekend. Everything seems so much more relaxing. Can we do this every week?

Thinking - About vacation. We just booked our family vacation for this July.  I.Cannot.Wait.

Wanting - A snow day! We've only had a ittle piddly snow here and there this year and I want some real snow! I want to be able to go four-wheelin, sledding, and just play! Please?!

Needing - 80's attire. I am going to the big French Lick Blogger Meet Up and I really need to get a game plan for the 80's party.  Amazon will be busy!

Swooning - I spent Saturday shopping with my daughter for her prom dress and we had tremendous luck! She actually fell in love with the SECOND dress she tried on.  The stars were aligned! It is gorgeous and looks so good on her.  I'm one happy momma!

That's it! I promised short and sweet, so short and sweet it is!  I will really try to be a little more timely next month:)

Happy Heart Day!

Hey there! I'm sure by now everyone has settled down from the craziness that is a classroom holiday party. Thankfully our district always schedules teacher PD for the afternoon of our Valentine's Day party.  This means that we get to 'sugar up' all the kiddos and send them home:)  This day always gives our parents a new appreciation of our day-to-day lives inside a second grade classroom.  

I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what we do during our three hours of school on Valentine's Day. We spend the first hour and a half, creating a little memory book.  The memory book is simply blank pages and the kiddos go around and write one sentence on everyone's page.  This sentence tells them one thing they like about them.  Just a positive affirmation if you will. They get to bring these home.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of any of them.

During this time, they also take turns passing out their valentines and treats.  We provide the kiddos with empty vegetable cans from our school cafeteria, cleaned out of course.  They get about a week to decorate the cans at home however they choose.  Some kiddos come back with the same cans and a few stickers added, some are spray painted and glittered up, and then some come back 'Pinterest perfect'.  Here are a couple of those from this year.

During the actual 'party' the students have 4 stations to rotate through.  During one station, they play Valentine's Day JINGO. I just use the game that can be purchased at teacher supply stores. They get to open up and read all of their valentines during another station. At the third station, they decorate a picture frame that they had previously painted white. The frames are made out of 4 large craft sticks that have been hot-glued together.  We also take their pictures ahead of time. Today, they glue their picture to the back and decorate the frame with foam hearts.

Last, but certainly not least, is the chocolate fountain! This is something they look so forward to! You can even see the excitement and longing on the faces of the first graders on the morning of the party as they walk by.  We set the chocolate fountain and all the fixins' in the hall.  All three second grade classes contribute and share the goodies. I wish I could say that I enjoy the fountain and goodies myself but the overwhelming smell of chocolate all morning somehow has a reverse effect on me.  It's probably better that way!

There you  have it! It is a quick three hours with the kiddos but so exhausting all at the same time.  I hope your celebrations went well and you are now enjoying a nice relaxing weekend!