October Currently!

Hi friends! This poor lil blog of mine has been so neglected. Although this is my tenth year teaching, I am in a new building in which I am now team teaching so I feel like a brand new teacher again! I forgot how exhausting it is! Whew!

I did manage to find some time this morning to link up with Farley and her monthly Currently.  I know it's already October 4 but better late than never, right?  Let's get started!


I've been sitting in my kitchen on my laptop, cooking, and doing laundry while HGTV is on.  It must be a Property Brothers Marathon because all I hear are Drew and Jonathan's voices.  My husband is out running errands and my daughter is working on school project elsewhere so if the t.v. isn't on, it would be entirely too quiet for me:)


I cannot tell you how much I love Autumn.  I know I'm not alone so many of you are feeling the love as well.  I was so excited to pull out my hoodie sweatshirts this weekend and have to admit that I'm a little sad that there will be days this week that are going to be warmer again.  


I feel as though school just started and yet the end of the first quarter is looming.  How does that happen? I have so much to do before then and also manage to throw in some Halloween fun as well.


I really want to get my house 'autumnized' before it's too late!  I went to buy mums for my front porch yesterday and there were very few left.  Clearly, I am behind the 8 ball, so to speak.  I did buy some mums and managed to get them planted yesterday but now I need to work on the inside.


Are there any other Sunday Night Sally's out there?? I hate having that monkey on my back all weekend but, for whatever reason, I just haven't been able to get my lesson plans done during the week.  I have been leaving them for Sunday nights and it has GOT TO CHANGE! For real, how am I supposed to stay caught up on my DVR'd shows if I'm writing lesson plans??!! Who's with me?


Oh my! There is nothing that makes me feel better than when my girls call me or talk to me wanting or needing advice, to talk them down from a stressful situation, or just sit and talk about their weekend, plans, friends, etc. This has really been evident since my oldest moved away to school.  Knowing that she still calls me when she needs advice or to just talk makes me feel awesome.  As a parent, I want her to spread her wings but I also love that I am a go-to for a friend to talk to, text, or even Snapchat! Yep, she showed me how to Snapchat before she left for school in August and I love looking at my phone during the day and seeing a Snapchat notification from her.  I cannot wait for the day to be over so I can look at what she's up to.  My younger daughter had her Homecoming last night and we already had a long talk this morning about her night.  I am so thankful that they are ok with talking to 'mom'. There is no better feeling in the world.

That's it! I hope you are having a wonderful school year - enjoy it while it flies by!


  1. I agree with a lot of the things you said! I love the start of autumn and decorating my house! I especially love using fall scented candles. I also know what you mean about the school year going by so fast! We have conferences next week, but I still feel like I'm trying to figure out everyone's needs! Also, I love your blog design!

  2. I am thinking the same thing! I feel like school just started and we are already on Fall Break and report cards go out right when we get back! The school year is zooming by.

  3. Ha - I still haven't learned how to do snap chat - I don't think my kids want me to know! It is nice to know our kids still need us! I always feel like a new teacher every year because there are always too many changes!