Five for Friday (kind of)

So, it has been a long while since I've joined Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday and I am well aware of the fact that it is NOT Friday, however, I am joining in today {Monday} anyway!

I joined a new building within our district this year teaching with two other terrific second grade teachers.  We do a 'switch' which means I teach all three sections during the day.  We have some phenomenal students this year but let me tell you what - they are chatty! I have to give myself a pep talk each morning to have patience, knowing they really are some great kiddos - they just like to be social!  However, one day this week, I decided to read The Interrupting Chicken to one class.  They loved it! It took them a little bit to realize why I was reading this book but it also started some great discussion:)

We are talking all about our five senses this week during science.  My kiddos LOVED the activities from this Science Interactive Notebook unit from Live Laugh Teach First Grade.

Science Interactive Notebook K-2nd

Here is just one of the activities in which I filled balloons with different things and they had to use their sense of touch to try and determine what was inside.  They absolutely loved it!

My daughter was uber-organized when she was packing for college HOWEVER when I sat through some parent meetings at her freshman orientation this summer, a current student talked how many hangers she goes through, among other points of interest.  I relayed this message to my daughter who thought she had plenty.  This weekend, my husband was heading up to see her and when I asked if she needed anything - yep, you guessed it - hangers.  This, of course, was after she insisted she had enough when we were buying her things this summer.  Now, getting more hangers should not be a big deal but she is a 'little' OCD at heart and really wanted hangers to match the ones she already had.  This meant that I used my Friday lunch hour to run to Target to get some matching hangers.  I do believe she should not run out now:)

Friday nights in this house mean one thing - high school football.  My daughter cheers, my friends' sons play, and I LOVE to watch!  I have one more year when Ellyn is a senior next year.  After that, I am just not sure what I will do ~ we may just have to continue going and ween ourselves away...

This past weekend was so bittersweet! My daughter Ellyn is a junior in high school and had her Homecoming.  If you are a mom with daughters, you understand the need to be there to help.  There are things that a dad just couldn't do...

My daughter Elizabeth had her Family Weekend at college.  This is her first and it was heartbreaking to not be there but I also thought it would be a good experience for her and her dad to have a weekend together. So, I stayed back with Ellyn to help out with Homecoming and my husband went to college to spend some time with Elizabeth. Here is my daughter Ellyn all glammed up.  She can stop growing up any time now.

Elizabeth made sure to send me a selfie of her and her dad just to prove that he made it up there and that they were enjoying themselves!

I am really hoping that we do not have this conflict next year was heartbreaking to have to miss any of this.

That's it folks! Have a great week!

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