June Currently! No way!

This month I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade! for her June Currently. First of all, I think it is amazing that she wants to help out Wimberley, TX and all the devastation that has happened there.  Way to go!  What a great deed!  So happy to participate! Come on everyone ~ let's all chip to help her meet her goal of $500.

Now, onto the June Currently.

Listening ~ we just recently subscribed to Netflix {whoa, I know!} and my girls have been watching random movies.  I have no idea what is even playing or if anyone is actually watching it, but there is some movie on right now.

Loving ~ my leisurely summer days.  I love not setting an alarm clock. I love deciding not to go to the post office, because hey, I can always go tomorrow:)  No pressure.  That is what I love:)

Thinking ~ I do have such a long summer to-do list.  While the tasks may not have an actual 'due date', they are things that I want to get done before I head back to school in August.  It will happen, I just want to relax for the first week of summer.  Then, I'll get in gear. Hopefully.

Wanting ~ my summer days to be filled with relaxation, family and friends.  Are you noticing a trend yet? lol While I have been doing a bang up job on the relaxing part this past week, I do have plans to hang out with family and friends this summer as well.  So much to do, so little time.

Needing ~ to start thinking about our upcoming travels.  My daughter and I are headed up to the college she will be attending for her summer orientation for two days.  We have a wedding to attend the day after we return.  The next day, my daughter and I are headed off on a cruise for her senior trip.  I will get to enjoy a couple of weeks after that before I head off to VEGAS!!  Yay!  I, no doubt, have much planning to do.  Right after my afternoon nap:)

Summer Lovin' ~ Cruising, I've already covered this one.  Vegas, we all know the fun that awaits us there! Family, now that my children are a little older and a little more independent, my husband and get to enjoy the things we used to looonng before we had children. Boating with family and just hanging out.  No stress.  Can't wait.

There you have it. Now, off to check at least one thing off of my list before the hubby gets home from work.


  1. I'm right there with you this week with just taking the week to have some lazy summer days! Last week we had 2 days of post planning and then I ended up spending an additional 2 days at the school because I'm moving rooms. This week is about relaxing before I have to start tackling my to-do list.

  2. so jealous that you are already relaxing in your summer… i have 2 and a half days… i can do it i can do it!!!
    I also want to thank you for your donation!!! You are awesome!!!

  3. I am so jealous of your summer plans! I'd love to be going on a cruise or even to Vegas!! Enjoy it

  4. I'm moving to second grade this year and look forward to following your blog to help me!
    Have fun on your cruise!
    Mrs. B's Classroom Adventures

  5. Where are you going on a cruise? i am going on cruise to Bermuda! Super jealous you are headed to Vegas! I just started my TpT adventure, so hopefully next year I will attend!!!!! I hope you have a nice RELAXING summer!