March Currently

Wahoo! I found time to link with up Farley for her Currently linky on the first day of the month!  

Listening - to another Hallmark movie.  My daughters and I are on a marathon today.  It has been a wonderfully, lazy day of nothing that we HAD to do so it has been perfect!

Loving - In Illinois, many schools take the first Monday in March to honor Casimir Pulaski who is known for his part in American Independence.  Our school district has not celebrated this day by closing for the last ten years but this year we are.  This has been just one more reason why I've thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday.  I have no 'day before we go back to work' pressure! 

Thinking - I have so much I could be doing around the house; laundry, cleaning, etc. but I have chosen to sleep in, watch the snow outside, and playing on the laptop while watching the Hallmark Channel

Wanting - I am so ready for spring! We had 8 inches of snow last night.  While we have only had one snow day/cold day this year, the weather and temperatures certainly have been less than enjoyable.  I am ready for pedicures and flip flops.  Once March hits, the snow and cold make me crabby.  I'm sure I'm not alone.

Needing - I have so many little projects around the house that I really want to get done before the end of school.  I get so angry with myself when I save these little projects and then I spend my entire summer working on them.  If I would just dedicate a couple of weekends to them, I know I could get them done and really be able to enjoy my summer!

Spring Break Plans - my daughter is getting all four of her wisdom teeth cut out the Monday before Easter so I will be spending my spring break playing Nurse Maid to her. Fingers crossed this all goes well.  

That's it for now! What are you up to this month?



  1. I feel your need to have some warm weather; Michigan isn't much better. Most of our snow days have actually been cold days. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  2. 8 inches of snow sounds like something I wouldn't handle well! Wow! I hope your daughter's wisdom teeth removal goes well. Maybe you can get one or two projects done then instead of summer :)

    Crayons and Whimsy

  3. Bring on the warm weather! I have never checked out the Hallmark Channel, but it is now on my to-do list after school :) I hope all goes well with your daughter. Some Ensure chocolate shakes go a long way when you can eat! Happy March!
    The Starr Spangled Planner