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It seems as though a Five for Friday just isn't in the cards for me but Sunday seems to work for me this week:) Better late than not at all, I say. So, here it goes, I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky party. 

This week has been BUSY! In the midst of all the craziness, I did manage to bust out most of my plans through Easter break.  This truly helps me sleep at night.  I cannot tell you how stressed I get if I do not have things done ahead of time.  My whole day, and sometimes week, is just off if I am scrambling day to day.  I've managed to get copies made for just about everything except my science/social studies units and sub plans done for a few days that I already know that I'll be out. My daughter is getting all four of her wisdom teeth cut out the Monday before Easter so I'll be staying home with her for two days to be nursemaid.  Life is just easier when things are in order:)  All that being said, let's look back at how this past week went.

We took out our privacy offices early this week for a quick math assessment and a sweet little girl raised her hand. I walked over to her desk and all she did was point into her privacy office.  I was shocked to see the word B**** in her office!  Now, I have to admit, over the years, this has happened before but for some reason, on this day, it just really disappointed me.  Maybe because in past years, there were kiddos who I {shamefully} could picture writing curse words.  But this group of kiddos?  I would not have guessed I would have this problem, hence, the overwhelming disappointment.  I was just sincerely sad for them.  So, in an effort to deter, I spent that day after school, combing through each office.  Erasing any and ALL pencil markings.  Putting a number on the outside so they now had their own privacy office.  Maybe, this will give them some ownership and desire to take care of them.  Hopefully.  I'm still sad about it.  Please tell me that this has happened to someone else and not just in my class!!  

So, we wrapped up our Black History Month celebrations with another assembly on Tuesday morning with some more authentic West African dancing.  Our own district band director also came on Thursday with her drumming circle drums.  Our kiddos had the chance to learn some West African songs and how to drum to them.  They LOVED it!  We do this every year and every year the kiddos absolutely love it.  It really sparks a love of music in them.

I have a sweet girl in my class that is spending her second year with me.  I just absolutely love seeing how she has grown and matured this year.  It makes me realize what a gift time can be.  She has started writing me little 'love notes' on her weekly spelling test.  Every week she adds a little something extra special.  I guess this week my outift must have been on point:)

I've mentioned before that both of my daughters are varsity cheerleaders at the high school.  My husband and I are also good friends with many of the parents of the varsity basketball players.  Therefore, when our team won the regional in the state tournament Friday night, it meant a couple of things.  First, we were busy all week attending the regional tournament in a very small high school gym. Crowded. Hot. Loud. Also, it means that our basketball days are not yet over!  We now go onto the Sectionals this coming week.  We have our first game on Tuesday.  If we lose, we're done.  If we win, we will play again on Friday night. It has been so exciting watching these high school young adults this season.  They are so talented and just all around good kids. Whenever it does end, it will be sad.  But for now, we will continue to enjoy it.

I was able to spend the day with my oldest daughter yesterday shopping for her last prom dress.  So sad yet so fun. When people tell you how fast high school years go by, believe them.  It just seems like yesterday that we registered for her freshman year.  Wow. I'm not sure where the time went.  This time of year is so exciting as she is getting ready for prom, graduation, and preparing for college.  A lot of emotions from one extreme to the other.  I am trying to just sit back and allowing her to become the young woman that she is but it is so hard not to remember her as my baby girl and want to hold onto that forever. Sigh.

That does it for this week.  We just received another 8 inches of snow yesterday but thankfully we already are off of school on Monday due to a state holiday so no snow days are in our forecast:)  Right now, our last day of school will be the day after Memorial Day.  All of our 'weather days' seemed to have come over the weekends here where I live so school has not really been affected.  PTL.  Going to school into June is not fun!  I really feel for all of you who have been getting 'snow weeks'.  It's always a nice little perk when you get unexpected days off and there are days when I do wish for them BUT you better believe that I will be EXCITED to be done with school on May 26!  

Until next week!


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