The Sunday Scoop

I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop linky!  It will be a quickie because I am on my way out the door! Here it goes!

3 Things I HAVE to do:

1) My daugher was just informed this week that she is a Presidential Scholarship finalist at the college of her choice -yay! BUT, my 17-year-old daughter does NOT have any 'business casual' clothes in her wardrobe.  So, it's off to the mall we go!  This I will gladly do:)

2) I MUST finish my lesson plans for this week.  This whole month is going to be crazy so I need to really stay on top of things to keep my sanity.

3) My husband and I have started our FAFSA - you know that dreaded Federal form you have to fill out just so they can tell you that you will not get any federal aid to help with college costs?!?!  Yeah, that one.  We are almost done but just need to plug in 2-3 more things so we can submit and be done.

2 Things I HOPE to do:

1) Laundry - story of my life...never caught up...just trying to keep my  head above water on this one.

2) I'm hoping to write a blog post for this week tonight yet.  'Hope' being the key word here:)

1 Thing I'm HAPPY to do:

1) I am scheduled for a consultation with a laser eye clinic to see if I'm a candidate for LASIK eye surgery.  My vision is so bad so wearing my glasses for TWO WHOLE WEEKS before the consultation is torture and then for another week until the procedure is WORSE. But, if it means I can get rid of them permanently, then I am HAPPY to oblige!  Stay tuned!

That's it! I said it would be a quickie! My daughter is staring at me while I type waiting to hit the mall.  Until next time ~ have a great week!

~ Chris

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  1. Congrats to your daughter!! I hope shopping was fun!!! Have a great week!!