Five for Friday!

Linking up with Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching for Five for Friday! This is my first Five for Friday linky so I'm pretty excited! Here we go!

For the FIRST time ever I have everything I need to put together goody bags for my kiddos this year! I don't go overboard for Valentine's Day because they get so.much.sugar. that anything I give them is usually tossed to the side {at least at first ~ until they get a stomach ache -ha!} Anyway, I saw someone post on IG that Target had Scentos dough so I absolutely had to stop there the next day. So fun! My room will be smellin' so good this Friday!

Since I was at Target anyway, I had to drop by their Dollar Spot to see what else I could find. Sure enough, they still had some Valentine's Day pencils and goody bags. Perfect! The only downfall is that now I will be sharpening all of those pencils. Ugh. 

And because I don't want to be a complete Debbie Downer, I did pick up a 'little sugar' for them as well.  I'm hoping to use some of the conversation hearts to try Jennifer Drake's Dancing Candy Heart Experiment.  Hopefully it works! I never seem to have very good luck with these kinds of things...

So, my oldest daughter is a senior in high school and we are planning a senior trip for her.  Looks like we'll be having a mom/daughter cruise!  So exciting!  So much to do!  So worth it!  So, now I'm working on finalizing which trip we want and getting her passport!

Just finished creating my first Valentine's Day product for my TpT store.  There are two sets of task cards. One set reviews grammar skills and the second set reviews addition with and without regrouping.  I've got mine all printed, laminated, cut out, and waiting for next week! The kids will love all of the extra 'love' next week:) My store name is: Chris Dorries ~ I'd love for you to go check them out!

Today at school we kicked off our Black History Month with an all-school assembly.  We were entertained by some West African drumming and dancing.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the entire assembly BUT my kiddos reported that everyone was able to participate in a 'dance-off' of sorts at the end ~ they were loving every minute of it.  

Alright, alright, I've saved the BEST for last. I just registered tonight for the TpT Conference in Vegas!  Oh.Em.Gee. I cannot even tell you how excited I am.  I am so new to this intriguing world of blogging, IG, and TpT but I know that I am in love with all of it.  Although I have only been on the sidelines I can already tell how much more inspired I am everyday!  I cannot wait to catch up with everyone on IG to see how their day is going and see what they're doing.  I spend my last hour of every night, going through the blogs I follow.  If the group of ladies {and a few gentlemen} that I follow do not inspire you, then something is wrong.  This is just what I needed to kickstart my new love of teaching.  I've always loved it but this brings it to a whole new level.

I know I am not the only one this excited, right?!

Well, that sums up my week and now I need to find my pillow and catch up on some sleep:) Until next time!



  1. You are most definitely NOT the only one excited about the TpT conference! This will be my second year, and it's fabulous! Be sure to plan some meals with other TpTers, since that's where the best networking happens! (And if you're looking for someone to have a meal with, I'm usually around!)

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I'm so glad you linked up! I just got home from buying Valentine's goodies. I am absolutely staying away from Target! I'll be too tempted to buy more when I don't need anything else. I'm too much of a homebody to go to the conference, but it does look fun. Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency