Currently....on February3....Oh My!

Oh my! It is already February 3 and I am just now even getting around to thinking about linking up with Farley for her February Currently! I've been reading everyone's Currently posts thinking, I really NEED to get on that but then time just keeps on ticking away and before I know it, it's time for bed:)  However, I am sneaking this in real quick before I sit down to grade {hopefully}. So, here I go before I lose my steam...


I came home from my haircut this evening to my daughters watching a flashback of The Game Plan with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. An oldie but a goodie.


I have all of my goodies already bought for my students for Valentine's Day. As soon as I saw someone post on IG that Target had Scentos play-doh in their party section, I was there! I also picked up a few other things in their Dollar Spot, like pencils and erasers.  Add a small granola bar into their goodie bag and I'm done!  This is by far the earliest I've ever had treat bags ready for my class!  Whew! I love knowing that I won't be running around the night before searching out treats and then getting them all packaged up late at night.


I am so jealous of seeing everyone post on IG that they are registering for the TpT Conference in Las Vegas this summer.  I so badly want to go but just not sure I can swing it with some other things my family has going on as well.  Maybe next year. But, I can assure you I will be creeping on everyone's blogs and IG in July to try and get a glimpse into the conference viacariously!


I really want to get my lesson plans complete for the next 6.5 weeks so when the weather finally breaks I can enjoy the outdoors!  I know that sounds crazy but once we start getting some 50, 60 and 70 degree days and the days start getting longer, that last thing I want to do is sit in school trying to get my plans in order.  I know, I know, things will change but adjusting plans can be done easily.  At least the pressure of writing my plans, making copies, etc will be done.  Such a big weight off of  my shoulders! I am smiling just thinking about it :)


Many of you who follow me on Instagram saw that my classroom was recently painted.  While I knew this was going to happen, I thought it would be closer to the end of February.  I was given a day and a half notice to have my room packed up and walls cleared off.  So what really happened is any papers on top of my desk and filing cabinet became 1-2 huge piles and put into a box.  I have been slowly getting things put back in place but those two huge piles just keep staring at me. Every.Day.  It is making me crazy! I am just going to have to bite the bullet one day and just stay late to get it done.  {Sigh}

Pageant Title

Miss Losing.My.Mind  This pretty much sums it up!  Since Christmas I have been pulled out of my classroom a total of 5 full days for different meetings and workshops, I've had to pack up my room and then unpack it, I've scheduled myself for Lasik at the end of this month {Yay!}, and just found out my daughter was selected for a top scholarship at the college of her choice so I now need to take off another day this month to drive her there.  Ahhhhh! I know I have NEVER been out of the classroom this often in my entire career.  I'm just thankful that a) I have a stellar Substitute Teacher who is a retired 2nd grade teacher so she is AND b) my class has been very flexible and understanding.  They may not like it but they bounce back pretty well.  There is may be some slight bribery going on - I'll never tell:) So, this all adds up to me and my mind going crazy!  I have not 'worked' a full week since Christmas break and with everything coming up, it will be the week of March 9 until I do!  It appears as though March won't be much better - my oldest daughter is scheduled to get her four wisdom teeth cut out - ouch. Something tells me it will be May before I know it!  So far we haven't had ONE.SNOW.DAY!  Compared to last years 9 snow days, this is a dream! If this continues, our last day will be May 22 - wahoo!  Maybe my mind will rest on May 23:)  Until then....I will continue to be CrAzY:)


  1. Your blog is adorable!! I love the title! :)

    The TpT Conference is AMAZING! I hope you can swing it too! You will love it!!! :)

    I used to teach second grade and loved it! I am your newest follower!!! Stop by my blog and follow me if you can! Happy Tuesday!!!

    Hooo-Ray For Teaching

  2. Come to think of it, I am not sure that I have been in school for a full 5 days since Christmas either...quite a few 2 hour delays, 3 snow days, daughter being sick, etc. January-March is the longest time of the year, I I enjoy the mini 3-4 weekends.

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