Sunday Scoop {1-11-15}

I'm so excited to finally get around to linking up with The Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!

 I've been reading these for months and just can never get my act together. Today that is all changing.  In keeping with one of my New Year's Resolutions, I am making my best effort to blog more. Let's get to it, shall we?

3 Things I HAVE to do: 

I HAVE to get my laundry done!  It is starting to consume this family.  I can currently hear my washer and dryer in the background already running so I'm off to a good start.  Now, just so I don't get distracted....

I also must get my grading done.  Our end of 2nd quarter is on Tuesday and grades are due on Friday.  I've got quite a collection of assessments that I keep carrying back and forth to school in my trusty teacher bag. I say trusty because no matter what I do, they're still there!

Yikes! I need to finish/revise my plans for the week.  I thought I had them done until I found out that my class is being displaced for most of the week.  We need to get by this week with the bare minimum.  My room is being painted starting tomorrow and we should be back in by Thursday or Friday.  But, that means, no computer, no Promethean Board, just a few books, etc. I had my plans ready to go but now need to make some adjustments based upon what materials we will have available to use.  

2 Things I HOPE to do:

I am hoping to finally get my Christmas tree down and put away.  I know. It's January 11. It's time. It's probably past time. Oh well. In my defense, this time of year is super busy for our family. Both of my girls do competitive cheerleading.  We are in the heart of their competition season which  means we are gone. A lot. If we are not at a competition, either close by or out of town, we are watching the basketball games they are cheering at for their high school.  I know the tree will get taken down. Eventually.  Even if it doesn't happen today. All of my other Christmas decorations are down and put away.  Small steps I say.

I am also hoping to get started on my report cards.  Like I said earlier, our end of quarter is Tuesday and all grades are due on Friday.  This may seem ambitious considering it is already after noon and I haven't touched my planning or Christmas tree yet:) Looks like I may not get much sleep this week. Oh well. Won't be the first time I am up late finishing up at the end of the quarter.

1 Thing I'm HAPPY to do:

Watch outside as the freezing rain begins to fall.  We have not had ONE.SINGLE.SNOW.DAY yet.  I think it's about time and tomorrow seems as good a day as any.  Seeing as my list above may take me several days, one extra day tacked onto my weekend would be AWESOME!  The rain is coming down and the temperature is right at 33 degrees ~ come on Mother Nature! Can you not drop that temp a couple of degrees, for me??

Well, that's it for this week. Hopefully I will join this party on a weekly basis.  Dream BIG I say:)

Have a great week!

~ Chris


  1. Great minds think alike. I'm also trying to blog more this year. And I too have a ton of laundry. Mine's all clean but needs to be put away. I'll get motivated after this football game hah! And I can't imagine having to be out of the room for so long. Good luck with that. Hope you have a great week!

  2. We should follow each other and remind/encourage each other on a weekly basis to blog! :) It't not easy making time for it when you have a million other things to do!