January Currently!

Wow! I cannot even believe it is January already much less time to go back to school.  I knew {although I am already pretty late} that if I didn't link up with Farley for her January Currently tonight, it will not get done. So, here it goes!

Listening ~ Every Sunday, thanks to my husband, there is always some kind of sporting event on the tv.  I don't get a lot of say in it.  Now mind you, I enjoy cheering on my teams in football and baseball with the best of them.  But, my team is not in the playoffs so I'm checked out until next season. It's fine, this way I get more of my own work done. Maybe.

Loving ~ I finally put my name on the list with A Bird in Hand Designs to get a custom blog post. I.am.so.excited! I cannot even tell you! I have been intrigued with so many teacher blogs for about two years now and am totally sold.  I cannot wait to really 'advertise' when my design is up.  I am scheduled for March 23 and my birthday is March 24.  I cannot think of a better birthday present to myself!  I will be letting you all know when it's ready on IG and Facebook as well.  I'm even thinking of a giveaway:)  Stay posted!

Thinking ~ I haven't even really looked at my teacher bag since December 19 - what?!?! I know, it won't be the end of the world.  I do have all of my ELA and math plans ready.  They were ready before break.  And I know we will be resuming work on our New Year's Resolution writing. So, I guess what I'm saying is that the rest of the day will be ok even if I don't look at my teacher bag.  I hope. We'll see.

Wanting ~ One more week!  Is that every teacher's mantra on this night?  Probably.  I always think the same thing at the end of summer.  I always think about how much we run around with our families and friends over break and I never really get my 'to-do' list done at home.  Probably if we had one more week, we would have just planned more activities, it doesn't hurt to wish.  Actually, last year, we received about two feet of snow the weekend before we went back to school which DID give us an entire extra WEEK of SNOW DAYS!  It was five days of pajamas and soup and it was GLORIOUS!  Don't let any teacher tell you different! I didn't, however, enjoy all the extra days tacked onto the end of the year but it certainly was enjoyable at the time!

Needing ~ I have been working on a mini-Contraction unit for about 3 months now and am so close to finishing it.  Every time I think I will have a few extra hours to finish it up and post it, something else comes up.  OR I think of something else I should add to it.  As much as I hate to even think about it, I may pull a late night tonight working on it.  I never sleep well on Sunday nights anyway so I may as well do something productive, right?

Yes ~ our school always does a Biggest Loser contest when we come back from Christmas break.  I have mentally committed myself already.  I just need to figure out my strategy. Which leads me to my 'Maybe'...

Maybe ~ I've seen so many inspirational bloggers on IG start the Whole30 program last week.  I don't do very well on these types of diets because my husband and daughters do not have adventurous palettes.  But, I need to do something.  My cholesterol has been on the 'bubble' for the last three years so I need to change my diet to get that in check.  My biggest fear is giving up Diet Coke.  I know. I know. Diet Coke is BAD for you but it is truly my vice.  I could probably eat whatever any diet tells me to but not being able to drink Diet Coke scares me to death.  Isn't that crazy?! Well, I ordered the book. I WILL read it.  I MAY try it.  I will keep you posted.

I wish ~ Now, I know getting extra days at the end of the year tacked on because of snow days completely stinks, BUT, I do live in the Midwest and it is not winter without some snow! There is nothing like the feeling of your phone ringing at 6am telling you to sleep in!  Just a sprinkling of those here and there would be nice!

Well, there you have it.  I hope everyone out there is ready to hit it hard this week again.  Ready or not, the kids will be there ready for us!  Happy January!


  1. My husband and I are starting the Whole 30 in a few weeks! Diet Coke is totally his thing too! He doesn't like too many veggies and so he is a little nervous but has totally jumped on board! We're excited!

    Megan Farve did my blog design too! She is wonderful! I am sure your blog will look wonderful! It will definitely be worth the wait!

    Chalkboard Charm

  2. Add my name to the list of teachers who didn't pick up their school bag at all... it felt soo good thought. I was regretting it sunday night when I wasn't sure what I had planned and what I still needed to work on. That one extra week of rest sure would have been okay with me :)


    Fabulous Fun In Grade 1

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  4. Hi Chris! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my post Liebster Award on how you can accept your award! Congratulations!