T is for TIME

Hey there! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for their week of Giving Thanks.  I'm starting my week off sharing why I'm thankful for Time.  I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my family this coming weekend.  My oldest daughter is in the process of choosing a college for next year so I am really ever so mindful of the fact that her days of being at home are getting fewer and fewer.  So, I'm going to be thankful for all the time I get to spend with her and my family.

I am also thankful for the Time my school district gives me to meet with my grade level teaching partners. The school district I teach in has seven different grade schools with 1-3 second grade teachers in each building.  Our district gives us several days each school year to get a sub and get together to collaborate with each other on what is going on.  We just met last week and it is such a nice day to brainstorm, work together, and share ideas.  I love those days!

I cannot forget to be thankful for the time I get to spend with my second grade kiddos every day.  It is amazing how quickly we feel like a cohesive family.  I'm so grateful to spend my days with these kiddos all year.  It's an amazing job!

Finally, I am thankful to spend time with my mom and mother in law during the holidays.  Both my father and my father-in-law both passed away the day before Thanksgiving (crazy, I know). So, I am grateful that we get to spend this time with them during this time of the year.

That's all for now!  I'll be back tomorrow!  One more day folks. I can do it.

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