November Currently

Hello cooler weather! I decided I need to either get this blog going or rethink this mission of mine:). So, that being said, I thought I would start with linking up with Farley's Currently.  Maybe this will at least get me in the routine of posting on a regular basis.  We'll see...

Listening ~ I'm listening to the news station on t.v. in the background while enjoying some peace and quiet since my husband and girls are at work and school.  It's nice but thankful I do not listen to the news every day.  Some things are just a little depressing to start the day off with.

Loving that since I do not go to school until noon today that I was able to take my youngest daughter to school myself today.  I won't get this chance very often any more since she'll turn 16 in June - Whoa! There are some nice little perks to having your children get themselves where they need to be but it's still nice knowing they rely on you:)  I will miss this.

Thinking that I should really be more productive at home while I can.  This late night tonight also means that I will be coming home and pretty much going straight to bed.  Hopefully whatever needed to be done, was done yesterday because it's not happening now!

Wanting some cute new boots and some of those darling little booties in the stores.  Of course, then I would need some new vests (how cute are they) along with some tunics and sweaters.  While I'm at it, I could just use a wardrobe replacement.  I always get that itch this time of year and by December or January, the itch is gone, either because my checkbook has taken a hard hit from Christmas or I'm just tired of the cold weather already.  Either way, right now I would love some time to go shopping!

Needing to start thinking about everyone's Christmas Lists.  I try not to put a lot of importance in what my girls get for Christmas but I do want it to be something meaningful or something they really want.  That being said, I'm not very good at planning ahead of time.  I tell myself every year that this year will be different, and yet, every year 1-2 weeks before Christmas I find myself scrambling.  We'll see...

Reading ~ my book club just started reading 'Getting Life' by Michael Morton.  It's a true story about a man who was sentenced to prison for 25 years for murdering his wife only to be exonerated 25 years later.  I just started but am already hooked.  Even though we already know the ending, it's fascinating to me, albeit disturbing, that someone had to sacrifice so much of their life for something they didn't do.

Anyway ~ there you have it!  My first Currently post.  I'm determined to make this a monthly event.  Maybe I need to put a reminder in my phone ??  Surely when I see everyone else's getting posted, it will keep me on track?  Not sure, but for now, month #1 is done.



  1. If you find that motivation to take care of your house, send some my way! No desire at all!!

  2. Ugh! Christmas lists!!! I cannot believe it is that time of year again!!!!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  3. I have struggled getting my blog started as well, but I think I'm almost starting to get the hang of it and I can tell it has paid off! Good luck!