December Currently!

Oh.My.Goodness! I am never this timely for anything but I just happened to be going through my IG and saw that Farley had her December Currently posted so I am making myself get this up and posted before the crazy week begins. it just my house or is EVERYONE watching and DVRing every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made?!?!  My husband used to moan and groan when I would want to watch the Hallmark Channel during the Christmas season {especially when we only had one tv} but then, he became outnumbered...

The poor guy doesn't stand a chance ~ at least now he can go to another room:) 

Loving that I have at least one tree up and decorated!

I normally do this on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, however, I thought this year I would change things up a bit so I ran to the mall this afternoon and took advantage of Dillard's 40% off Christmas decor to add a few new things to my tree.  Now, my next mission is to find my tree skirt, hmmmm, one would think that when taking down their tree they would put their tree skirt with the rest of the decorations.  This apparently did not happen.  Now I need to either go through all the tubs {again} or decide it is not too lazy to go buy a new one.  We shall see...

Thinking ~ I should have spent a little time over the long weekend completing my plans up until Christmas break and the week we come back from break.  I really do not like worrying about if my plans and room are ready for when it's time to come back from break.  I really do what I can to have everything ready so I can truly enjoy my time off and spend it with family and friends.  I guess that means this week will be crazy, busy getting a good start on that.

Wanting...My kiddos to stay focused for the next three weeks.  I probably should have said ~ wanting my kiddos to be healthy for the next three weeks.  I don't know about you, but in my neck of the woods, the flu has been hitting us hard already.  I had a few kiddos out for an entire week with high fevers -yikes!  Hopefully, spending some time away from the other kiddos will help everyone's immune system!  However, I DO still want the kiddos to stay focused.  I like to have fun this time of the year just like everyone else but we still have to teach:)  Second grade is the first year when the kiddos get to participate in Young Authors in our school district.  Those stories are due before we go on break so we will be hitting narrative stories hard for the next three weeks. LOTS of graphic organizers to help us get ready to write! go through my TpT Wishlist!  

As you can see, although I have yet to add anything to my cart, I have TWENTY-TWO pages of wishlisted items!  It's going to be a looong night!  You better believe I'm not going to waste this awesome sale!  I just need to prioritize...I have a feeling there will be LOTS of things that will be high priority before the night is over:)

Giving -- I plan on paying it forward in the drive-thru at least once a week until Christmas.  Now this will really be something on two levels. First, I don't do too many drive thru's anymore so I will have to make an effort to get to one at least once a week and then I will have to remember to pay it forward once I'm there!  I'll have to report back on how I'm doing on this front:)  On the flip side, I did pick  my ornament from the Giving Tree at church this morning so I will definitely be giving to someone who probably needs more than I this holiday season.  This year they even had Monetary Donation envelopes available so I picked up one of those as well so my children can also donate ~ gotta start them young to see the real meaning of Christmas!

Well, that's it for now.  As you saw earlier, I've got a lot of work cut out for me yet tonight so the TpT sale doesn't slip away without me getting some bargains!  Happy Shopping Everyone!



  1. OMG! Your tree is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I'm sure you'll find a perfect tree skirt to match. I love your idea of paying it forward through the drive thru. I may have to use your idea!

  2. Your tree is stunning and looks super tall. We just bought a house and move in on Feb 2nd. Next year we will have the space for a big tree and I am excited about that.
    I hear you on the wish list craziness. Mine is 21 pages long and gets longer each day.
    Happy shopping!
    Terri's Teaching Treasures

  3. 22 pages of wishlist items!?!? LOL!!
    Your tree is beautiful, and I love the pay-it-forward idea!

  4. I'm SO jealous of your tree! Mine is in my hallway, just begging me to put it up... I spent last night setting my DVR to record ALL the Hallmark Christmas Movies! I love them all so much! So cheesy, yet so good! :) I remember the first time someone paid for my meal at a drive thru. I was so surprised and so grateful! It's my favorite thing to do, now. :)
    Have a great week!

    The Sharpened Pencil

  5. aw! Yay! and I'm so glad you linked up with the thanks linky every day!!