Homecoming and Love Notes

What a cRaZy week it has been around here!  My teenaged girls were both crazy busy with high school homecoming activites all week {oh the memories}.  Everything from a bonfire, parade, powder puff football, coronation, football game, all leading up to the big dance Saturday night.  Crazy as it was, I wouldn't trade it for the world!  This is my oldest's last high school homecoming so it was bittersweet for her and me.  All this emotion while my 15 year is still in the thick of it making some great memories of her own.  Although Saturday was beyond hectic with mani/pedis, hair, and make up, it was all worth it to see these beauties looking gorgeous!

Just when I thought my week at school was hitting a brick wall with some of my busy little friends, I received a letter from one of the girls that just made my heart smile.  This will probably find a permanent spot on my board for the rest of the year so whenever we need to self-reflect I can just direct them to 'The Note' for a quick reminder of how we need to conduct ourselves:)

#Respect ~ Didn't your heart smile a little too?

And, last but certainly not least important, I finally decided to make the leap into the TpT world.  Albeit, this is a BABY step, but I found the courage after doing LOTS of contemplating, praying, and worrying.  I thought, if I don't try then what am I teaching my girls (one of which is also trying to make some big decisions on what to do after graduation).  My little voice finally said, 'Practice What You Preach, Sister!'  Sooo, after a little time this week, I started with some Everyday Math resources that I made for my own use anyway and just added the credits and such to make it all legel {I hope} and put it out there.  Well, do you know the VERY NEXT MORNING someone had already purchased one!  Now mind you, it was only $1.00 item so I made just a few coins to put in  my coin jar BUT  I am taking that as a sign I tell ya!  I've been brainstorming ever since on things I can create that other teachers may also want for their own classrooms.  We'll see how this goes but that little $0.30 profit has got my wheels turning - stay tuned!

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